PhD Students

Ph.D. Awarded

1. Dr. Sasmita Jena CV 2019 (Supervised together with Prof. M Vemuri): Work status and utilization of antenatal care among rural and urban poor women in Khordha and Sundargarh, Odisha

2. Dr. Priyanka Yadav 2019: Gender Differentials in Levels, Trends, and Patterns of Mortality in India and Regions since 1970

3.  Dr Tekchand CV 2019 Spatial Inequality in Access to Health Care Services in Rajasthan

4. Dr Vandana Tamrakar CV 2019: Explaining the Trends and Determinants of Gender Differential in Under-Five Mortality in Selected South Asian Countries

5.  Dr Moradhvaj CV 2019: Changing adult mortality in India: Socio-economic and regional disparity

6. Dr. C _Nagendra_3 June 2021: Socio-economic factors influencing HIV/AIDS in Bengaluru.

7. Dr. Benjamin Debbarma CV 2019: Prevalence, determinants, and consequences of substance use among male tribal youth in West district of Tripura

8. Dr. Ankita Srivastava CV 2019: National and sub-national projections of aging in India: a probabilistic approach

9. Dr  Shewli- NS: Health Expectancies and Burden of Disease in Six Large States in India

10. Sudheer Shukla CV 2019: Health Shocks and Wellbeing among Urban Lower Middle Income Group: A Case Study of NCT of Delhi

11. Mukesh C. Parmar CV: Dynamics of mortality and morbidity compression in India and States 1970-2015

12. Sadaf CV 2019:Trends and Determinants of Mortality in Old Age in India

13. Somdutta CV 2019: Overweight and Obesity among adults population in Kolkata

14. Girimallika Borah CV (supervised together with Dr Bhawati Das): Impact of Floods on Morbidity and Health Expenditure in Assam

PhD thesis submitted in JNU

15. Bandita Bodo CV 2019 (supervised together with Dr Bhawati Das): Differential and determinants of health status among the elderly in India

16. CV_Krishna_Kumar (Supervised together with Dr Bhawati Das): The level, trends, and determinants of  death registration in India: An analysis at the national and sub-national level

Ongoing PhDs in the IIPS

17.Neha_cv Demographic dynamics, health profile, and healthcare utilization among older tribal population in India

18. Mihir’s CV (jan2022): The physical and mental health effects of air pollution in India’s NCR region

19. PIYASA MAL CV Gender roles among the matrilineal and patrilineal tribes and their impact on women’s health

20. Rishabh Kumar: Seasonality in Mortality and Morbidity: An Investigation at National and Subnational levels in India from 1992 to 2024 (Proposal confirmed)

21. Sashanka Boro: Profile of Substance Abusers and their Treatment Seeking Behaviour in De-addiction Centres of Assam (Proposal confirmed)

22. Deepak Verma: Heatwave Vulnerability among the Slum Dwellers of Metropolitan Delhi (NCT) (Proposal confirmed)

23. Poloumi Barman (Supervising together with Prof. Dr. Gabriele Doblhammer, University of Rostock): Risk Factors and Patterns of Cognition and Dementia in the Ageing Population of India and Germany

24. Rufi Sheikh (Supervising together with Faculties from the University of Groningen): The Tobacco Pandemic in India and Its contribution to sex differences in Life Expectancy